Новый Мир: 12. Sapha's Visit (англ.)

Sapha's Visit

Base Level:  70
Item(s) (Not Consumed): Ring of the Ancient Wise King (Equipped)
Quest Prerequisite(s):  [None]
Item(s): Light of El Dicastes
Quest Reward(s):  Access to El Dicastes and Scarab Hole Level 1

In the New World at the Midgard Camp, talk to Expedition Guard Ben or Expedition Guard Maha (mid_camp 222, 246) and listen in on their conversation. The Sapha, a race of giant trees, is reportedly about to visit. Aello at the command center seems to know more.
Go inside the large central tent (mid_camp 214, 249) and talk to Guard Aello. He tells you the Sapha wants to speak with you in Manuk.
Upstairs, talk to the Soldier outside one of the rooms on the right, who lets you inside.
Note: The player must have the Ring of the Ancient Wise King equipped in order to speak with the Sapha. You do not have to have done the quest on that character, only have the ring equipped.
Once in the room, speak with Sapha from Manuk. The Sapha says their race is concerned about humans and their sudden arrival in the New World, but your assistance to the Manuk and Laphine has led them to trust you. They have told their leader, Ravail, about your accomplishments.
Speak with Vyhannus again, who talks about El Dicastes, the Saphas' capital city. Hound is selecting worthy adventurers to send there, and you are one of those chosen.
Talk to Vyhannus once more, who tells you to talk to Avalanche in Manuk. Two east, one south of the Expedition Site.
Note: At this point, players wishing to continue to help Doha can follow this separate quest at Doha's Secret Orders.
In southeast Manuk, go inside the building at (309, 142) and speak with Guard Captain Avalanche up the left set of stairs. He authorizes you to enter El Dicastes through a tunnel in the mountains.
In east Manuk, talk to the Entrance Manager, (321, 182) who lets you into the tunnel.
Note: At this point, You will have access to Scarab Hole Level 1.
Journey through the dungeon to reach El Dicastes Field, and continue on to the top of the map, where the Guard will let you in the city.
Head through the north portal and at the top of the next map (dicastes02 120, 235) enter the doors.


Inside, talk to the Adventure Clerk and register, and receive a Light of El Dicastes.
(Optional) Kareka inside the El Dicastes Factory (dicastes01 96, 257) will enchant the three hidden slots of the Light of El Dicastes.
Enchanting the first slot costs 1 Sapha Certification, possible results are:
Atk +2% or 3%
Matk +1% or 2%
Crit +5 or 7
Flee +6 or 12
Enchanting the 2nd slot costs 2 Sapha Certification, possible results are:
Agi +1 or 2
Dex +1 or 2
Int +1 or 2
Enchanting the 3rd slot costs 3 Sapha Certification, with same possible results as slot 2.
If the enchantments the item winds up with are not what the player desires, for 6 Sapha Certifications, Kareka will trade the enchanted Light of El Dicastes for an unenchanted one, allowing the player to redo the enchantment process until they are satisfied.

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