Новый Мир: 15. Frede's Request (англ.)

Frede's Request

Base Level:  70
Item(s) (Consumed):  30 Small Bradium
Item(s) (Not Consumed): Ring of the Ancient Wise King (Equipped)
Quest Prerequisite(s): Sapha's Visit (Step 11) and
Doha's Secret Orders
(Scarab Dungeon Level 2 Access)
Item(s): Bradium Earring
Talk to Frede in El Dicastes (dicastes01 117, 262), who isn't feeling well. You are warped to a the Sapha residences.
Talk to Frede, who mentions he's feeling better after getting a shot of Bradium. You mention you're feeling faint, and he gives you a Banana. Your HP drops by 90%. Frede says his leg won't ever recover, and says the Sapha have been hit with an epidemic. He mentions some of his friends, who are now "still". He asks you to visit his friends who work in the caves outside town, as they must report back soon for their shots.

Inside the dungeon, talk to the following NPCs (in any order):

  • Brian (dic_dun01 205, 43).
  • John (235, 243).
  • Tyler (153, 107).
  • Lash (58, 225).
  • Bain (64, 107).
  • On Level 2, talk to Rose (dic_dun02 111, 127), immediately southeast of the entrance.

Return to Frede on floor 3 of the dormitories, and he tells you to help out the Refinery, which is short on Bradium.
Go to the refinery near 11 o' clock (dicastes01 162, 295) and talk to Bouy, who says you can help out if you bring 30 Small Bradium.
Return with the Bradium, and Bouy will take 2 hours to refine it.
After collecting the Bradium from Bouy, return to each of the 6 friends (again, in any order).
After visiting all 6, return to Frede and receive a Bradium Earring.

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