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4310Panzer Goblin CardInflict 10% more damage with Critical attacks.
Critical Rate + 7 on Demon monster.
4309Parasite CardDEF + 1
Add a 5% resistance against Neutral Property attacks.
[Loli Ruri & Miyabi Doll & Evil Nymph & Harpy & Bloody Butterfly Card Combo]
4099Pasana CardEnchant Armors with the Fire Property.
DEF + 1
4031Peco Peco CardMaximum HP + 10%
[Grand Peco Card Combo]
4007Peco Peco Egg CardIncrease damage of attacks inflicted on Formless monster by 20%.
4314Penomena CardReceive 30% less damage from Formless monster.
4311Permeter CardAdd a 15% resistance against Shadow and Undead Property attacks.
[Solider & Assaulter & Freezer & Heater Card Combo]
4315Pest CardAdd a 3% chance of auto casting 'Stone Curse' on an enemy when the user receives Physical Damage.
[Base Intelligence >= 77]
Add a chance of auto casting 'Stone Curse' is increased to 9%.
4148Pharaoh CardReduce SP Consumption of skills by 30%.
4077Phen CardSkill casting can not be interrupted.
Increase Casting Time by 25%.
4329Phendark CardGain 5 SP each time a DemiHuman monster is killed by a Physical Melee Damage.
Drain 5 SP as the weapon is unequipped.
4121Phreeoni CardHIT + 100
4008Picky CardSTR + 1
ATK + 10
4011Picky Egg CardVIT + 1
Maximum HP + 100
4073Pirate Skeleton CardEnables use of Level 5 Discount.
4335Pitman CardInflict 5% more damage with Earth Spike and Heavens Drive.
-50 SP when unequipped.
4024Plankton CardInflict Sleep status when you attack (Success Chance 5%).
ATK + 5
4389Plasma CardAdd a chance of gaining 'Elemental Resist Potion' each time a monster is killed.
4048Poison Spore CardEnables use of Level 3 Envenom.
4175Poisonous Toad CardAdd a 2% chance of auto casting Level 1 Envenom on an enemy when the user receives Physical Damage.
4033Poporing CardEnables use of Level 1 Detoxify.
4337Porcellio CardATK + 25
DEF - 5
4001Poring CardLUK + 2
Perfect Dodge + 1
[Mastering Card Combo]
4313Punk CardAdd a 5% chance of auto casting Level 1 Quagmire around the user when the user receives Physical Damage.
If the user has mastered the skill at Level 5, it will cast Level 5 Quagmire.
[Clock Tower Manager & Alarm & Clock Card Combo]
4003Pupa CardMaximum HP + 700
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