Malangdo Quests: Octopus Cave

Octopus Cave

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Octopus Cave
Base Level:
Item(s) (Not Consumed): Octopus Hunting Stick or VIP
Quest Reward(s): Ability to fight Disgusting Octopus
  1. Talk to Starfish (mal_dun01 151,235). Select 'Let me in!' to reserve the instance. You must have an Octopus Hunting Stick in your inventory.
  2. Talk to the Weird Entrance to enter the instance.
  3. You will see four exits in the corners of the room you land in. Pick one, and walk down it. You don't need to kill the monsters on the way, but you may want to. At the end of the hall, there will be an Octopus Leg. Kill it.
  4. Repeat this process for each of the other three legs. After killing the last leg, you will be teleported back to the middle. Buff up, and walk north to fight the Disgusting Octopus.
  5. Around the room with the Disgusting Octopus, Octopus Legs and Octopus will spawn frequently. Focus on killing the boss - he has 500,000 HP, and his normal attacks don't hurt that much, however, his waterball is painful, and he may be able to use Earthquake.
  6. He drops High Weapon Box, White Potion 100 Box, and several Coin Bags. These will drop malangdo coins when they are working correctly, but they are presently bugged and drop nothing when used.
  7. Come back in 3 hours to do it again.

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