Malangdo Quests: Help the bad cats in danger (англ.)

Help the bad cats in danger

Help the bad cats in danger
Base Level: None
Item(s) (Consumed): 30 Poor Can
Hunting: 20 Red Eruma
Item(s): 20 Malang SP Can, 5 E Class Coin
Quest Reward(s): Access to Help the bad cats in danger (repeatable)

1. Talk to Gabonge (malangdo 176,206). He got sick after eating bad canned food.


2. Walk near the A Foolish Cat (malangdo 197,120) near the docks, you'll overhear something.


3 Walk to the Balloon Bucket, North of the Navi (malangdo 155,180). A message will appear.


4. Walk near the A Foolish Cat again. You'll overhear a new message.

5. Talk to the Awfully Suspicious Dealer, and confront him. He won't be swayed.


6. Go down to the lounge, and in the upper right corner (mal_in02 185,76), a message will pop up. You find some bad canned food.

7. Confront the Awfully Suspicious Dealer on the boat again, and he'll reveal that him and several other raccoons (wearing cat masks - look closely at him!) are selling canned food to the cats and plotting some sort of takeover. He will eventually tell you to gather 30 Poor Can from level 1 of the dungeon. Red Eruma drops them.

8. Bring the cans to Gabonge. He'll give you 20 Malang SP Can.

9. Talk to Gabonge again, he will send you to Patrol Leader (malangdo 125,146)

10. Talk to Patrol Leader, he will ask you to kill 20 Red Eruma. Say Cheer Up!! to accept.

  • Kill 20 Red Eruma, return to Patrol Leader. He'll insult you.
11. Go back to Gabonge for 5 E Class Coin. You will get a 23 hour cooldown, which will prevent you from doing Help the bad cats in danger (repeatable)

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