Malangdo Quests: Play with Baby Cats (англ.)

Play with Baby Cats

Play with Baby Cats
Base Level: Unknown
Item(s) (Consumed): 1 Glass Bead
Item(s): 103 E Class Coin (? possibly more)
Quest Reward(s): Access to Meow Team daily quests.Compass Game (repeatable) andNoisy Machine (repeatable)

1. Talk to Cat Expert, Rato (malangdo 165, 223) in north of island. He'll ask you to play with his kids.

2. Talk to the [Meow Team] Charo on the Northeast shore of the island. They'll ask for a Glass Bead to fix their machine. 

3. Bring them 1 Glass Bead. They will fix the machine, give you Adventure Card A and challenge you to a compass race. 

4. Talk to the Compass (malangdo 212, 204) and insert Adventure Card A the to begin the race.

  • Note
    • There are five colors of compass. You will be told the order that you have to go to them in (memorize it!).
    • Run as fast as you can to each compass in turn, solve the basic math problem, and then go on to the next for 3mins time.
Compass Location
Yellow / Gold
White / Cloud
Green / Forest 
Blue / Sky
Red / Flame

4.a. After the last one, talk to the Meowbell (malangdo 177,162) in the middle of the ship.

  • Note: If you got a passing mark and on time, talk to [Meow Team] Roku, otherwise, you may try again.

4.b. Return to [Meow Team] Roku, you will receive ??, and can continue the quest.

5. Talk to the [Meow Team] Roku again. They will send you to talk to the Detectives. 
6. Talk to the Detectives cat (around 173, 178). Talk to them and they will tell you to stop the machine from blowing up.
Detectivecat.png NoisyMachine.png

7. Talk to the Noisy Machine (malangdo 174, 175). 

  • You will be shown a sequence of colors - Red, Green, Yellow, or Blue. Write these down.
  • When prompted to press buttons, press the appropriate buttons for each color shown, switching red with green, and blue with yellow:
    • If it was Red, enter Green;
    • If it was Green, enter Red;
    • If it was Blue, enter Yellow;
    • If it was Yellow, enter Blue. 
  • You will have to do four sequences, of two, four, six, and eight colors. 
  • If successful, you will receive 3 E Class Coin and can continue with the quest

8. Talk to Detective cat again. They will send you to look for 6 Picture Fragment inside the Navy. you will probably need to talk a few time to find something.

Seashell (mal_in02 31,57)
in Captain's Room
?? (mal_in02 114,56)
in the Hallway
Ventilation Window (mal_in02 138,31)
in last room on the right of the Hallway
Dirty Bed (mal_in02 133,98)
in last room on left of the Hallway
Box (mal_in02 187,45) at
Southeast corner of Meeting Room
Books (mal_in02 170,75)
North of entrance to Meeting Room

9. Bring the six pieces back to the Detective cat. They will tell you to bring them to [Meow Team]Charo. He will ask you to talk to Cat Expert, Rato
10. Talk to Rato. He will thank you and give you 100 E Class Coin.

  • Talk to him again to see a heart-warming picture drawn by the Meow Team kids.

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