Brasilis Quests: Brasilis Murder Mystery (англ.)

      Brasilis Murder Mystery
      Base Level: None
      Base Experience: Varies: 300,000 to 3,675,000
      Job Experience: Varies: 150,000 to 2,212,500
      Item(s): Varies: 3carat Diamond, Old Purple Box

      Bugs / Glitches in the quest to be aware of before you start:

      • When the Curator says he's giving you a reward... He's not, just talk to him again and the quest continues.
      • If the statue does not react, relog and talk to it again. You will not be kicked from the mansion.
      1. In Prontera, examine the Sign Post by the north Kafra (prontera xx, yy). (This step can be skipped)
      2. Travel to Brasilis, and speak with Agent York on the boardwalk (brasilis 212, 130). He asks for your assistance in solving a mystery.
      3. Go to the museum (brasilis 148, 161) and speak with Velmenna upstairs. They explain what happened, and ask you to question Mrs. Moneybags at the hotel.
      4. At the hotel (brasilis 273, 151), head upstairs and enter the room farthest to the right. Talk with Mrs. Moneybags, and question her about what happened. She then suggests you speak with the museum curator.
      5. Back at the museum, talk to the Head Curator upstairs in the back gallery. Question him about his relationship to the victim, after which he suggests you speak with Mr. Herring, the security guard on duty the night before.
      6. Downstairs, talk to Red Herring, who says he's innocent. He claims a locket worn by the victim was also stolen.
      7. Talk to the upstairs group again, and you're asked if you think Red Herring committed the murder:
        • If you answer Yes, the quest will end and you'll receive some EXP and a 3 carat diamond.
        • If you answer No, you agree to split up, continuing the investigation.
      8. Return to Mrs. Moneybags, and uncover that she has the Locket with her. (When prompted, type "Locket")
      9. Go back to the kids upstairs, who've discovered a secret passage in the museum.
      10. Ask the Head Curator about the passage. He talks about it, and tells you to head next door to the mansion, and to break down the door.
      11. At the house (brasilis 126, 195), ram the back door to enter.
      12. At the blue cloak (116, 82), or bookcase (83, 103), take the key. You may only pick up one of these.
      13. Pick up the lantern to reveal a secret passage.
      14. Through the passage, head upstairs and check the skull on the wall. You will be sent to 1 of 2 random locations (29, 88) or (145, 25):
        • If you got the key from the bookcase, you want (29, 88). If you're sent here and this is the incorrect location, click on the shield to go back to the previous floor. (Note: I got the key from the cloak and needed the flag room, so this may be random)
          • Click on the flags in the correct order and you will be moved to the ???
        • If you got the key from the blue cloak, you want (145, 25).
          • Find the Strange Device.
          • Toggle the switches correctly and it will open a portal under the ghost with the target on the wall.
      15. Go to the room upstairs. In between two beds in the southwest room is a dresser where you will find some matchsticks.
      16. Light the candelabras in the room to reveal another passageway. (Note: the one in the upper-left room, second from the top seems to be the correct one, but it may be random. If your first attempt fails, click on every candelabra in the room until you find the right one.)
      17. Play the piano and type in the first 4 letters of the sheet music using all capital letters and you will move to the last room.
      18. Talk to the statue and the secret passage will open up to Brasilis Museum. (Note: The statue seems to be bugged at the moment. If it doesn't work, simply relog and it will talk to you.)
      19. Talk to the kids again.
        • If you say it was him:
          • You will be sent to speak with the Head Curator. He accuses Mrs. Moneybags and you will need to speak with her again.
          • When you speak with her, you will receive some exp and the quest will end.
        • If you say "It wasn't him":
          • You will be sent to speak with Mrs. Moneybags again.
          • After speaking with Mrs. Moneybags, speak with the kids again, and they will send you to the Head Curator.
      20. You will confront him. When asked what evidence you have, type "Note".
      21. Chase him around the exits as directed by the text boxes until he leaves for the forest.
      22. Find him in Brasilis field (bra_fild01: 329,144) and he will confess.
      23. Head back to the museum to talk to the kids again. They will send you to Mrs. Moneybags.

      Receive: 1,500,000 base exp(2,250,000 base exp VIP) and 1,000,000 job xp(1,500,000 job exp VIP)in increments of 500,000.

      1. She asks you to locate her locket in the sewers.
        • Locations are: (bra_dun01: 20, 105) (bra_dun01: 66, 101), (bra_dun01: 92, 143), (bra_dun01: 35, 204), and (bra_dun01: 115, 213). If you can't find it in one location, check another.
        • Turn the locket piece in to Mrs. Moneybags and she will reward you with exp (Note: VIP, level 100, 75,000 base and 37,500 job).
        • At this point she forces you to wait 12 hours before bringing her another piece.
        • After bringing her back the 4th fragment, she rewards you with an additional 800k base exp 400k job exp(Vip 1,200,000 EXP and 600,000 Job EXP.)

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