Bifrost Quests: Theore's Request (англ.)

Theore's Request
Base Level: 100
Item(s) (Not Consumed): Ring of the Ancient Wise King
Job Experience: 700,000
Item(s): 10 Mora Coin
  1. At the Rune Midgard Allied Forces Post, talk to Theore (mid_camp 148 222). When you offer to help him, he will get so excited that it takes him 1 minute to calm down. Talk to him again shortly.
  2. On Splendide Field 02, search among the bushes for a fairy. (You can continuously click any bush until the fairy appears) Make sure to pay attention to the fairy's Hair Color, Skin Color, Wing Type and Clothing Color.
    • 261, 323
    • 186, 260
    • 137, 305
    • 103, 344
    • 24, 196
    • 79, 103
  3. After you find the fairy and it escapes, walk over the bushes until you receive a Small Pocket.
  4. Return to Theore with the pocket, he realizes it is very important to a laphine and tells you to find the fairy who dropped it so you can return it.
  5. In southwest Splendide, talk to the Tired-looking Fairy (splendide 182, 117), and show her the pouch.
    • (Step 6 may be skipped, to save a lot of time, if you know what the fairy looked like originally. Simply talk to her again to move onto step 7)
  6. Go speak to 3 fairies around Splendide to gather clues about the missing pouch.
    • Theodore
      Theodore 304, 297 (green hair, dark skin, white clothes, round wings)
    • Pauchon
      Pauchon 168, 301 (blue hair, dark skin, green clothes, characteristic wings)
    • Kusmi
      Kusmi 119, 138 (blonde hair, light skin, grape clothes, two-pair wings)
  7. Return to the Tired-looking Fairy and describe the fairy you saw. She will send you back to one of the 3 fairies from the last step.
  8. After returning the pouch to it's rightful owner, the fairy tells you that they have lost contact with the rest of the laphine. Offer to help and you will be directed to go to the north exit of Splendide to speak to the guard.
  9. The guard (splendide 262, 376) tells you there is a crack in the bridge to Alfheim. The only other path is through to misty forest.
  10. Return to the fairy you returned the pouch to and you will be asked to enter Mora Village in search of the fairy's friend.
    • Theodore's friend Lilitia can be found at (mora 98, 66)
    • Pauchon's friend Humming can be found at (mora 139, 102)
    • Kusmi's friend Rondo can be found at (mora 35, 119)
  11. While in Mora, speak with the requested friend (who doesn't have much to say), and visit the Warehouse Manager (mora 185, 163) in north east mora.
  12. Retrieve Splendid Supply Kit from Jones (mora 55, 124) in the inn.
  13. In northwest Splendide, deliver the supplies to Daphrer (splendide 121, 260) and she will reward you with 5 Mora Coins and 500,000 Job EXP.
  14. Talk to the fairy who lost her pouch one last time to remove the quest log.
  15. Return to Theore who will be fascinated with your story and reward you with 5 Mora Coins and 200,000 Job EXP.
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