Bifrost Quests: Chesire's New Day (англ.)

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This quest or instance can be repeated.
This quest or instance has a 24 hour cooldown period.
    Chesire's New Day
    Base Level:  ??
    Quest Prerequisite(s): Doha's Secret Orders
    Base Experience: 50,000
    Job Experience: 40,000
    Item(s): 1 Sapha Certification
    1. In the Dicastes Diel, walk near the guard outside Ahat's office, Chesire (dic_in01 269 193) will appear and ask you to collect a box from near the scarab hall entrance.
    2. Near the middle of Kamidal Tunnel, immediately west of the entrance to Scarab Hall, find the Stacked Boxes of Goods (dic_dun01 276, 113). You will receive 1 Bradium Box with directions to take it to the Bifrost Crack.
      • Note: if you lose the Bradium Box, you will need to take 20 Refined Bradium to Chesire at the Bifrost Crack.
    3. To the southeast of Bifrost Field 01 (bif_fild01 335, 168), talk to Cheshire, he throws the box into the crevice and tells you to bring the box again tomorrow.

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