!Nidhoggur's Nest

Nidhoggur's Nest

Базовый уровень: 70
Группа: от 2-х персонажей
Требуемый квест: начатый Guardian of Yggdrasil
Награда: возможность сразиться с Nidhoggur's Shadow

1. With 2 or more people in your Party, the party leader must speak with the Yggdrasil Gatekeeper at (nyd_dun02 99, 199) and "Accept Admission".

2. After the dungeon is created, speak to the Yggdrasil Gatekeeper again to enter the dungeon.

* Note: A window will appear showing pertinent time limits for the dungeon. If it is closed, it can be opened again with with the shortcut Alt+B.
* Note 2: There is a 30 minute time limit for completing the quest before the instance is destroyed.

3. Speak to the Murdered Yggdrasilid near the center of the main room.

4. Kill 12(?) monsters with a different name.

5. Go to floor 2?

6. Figure the rest out and update this page.

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Оригинал квеста на "http://irowiki.org/wiki/Nidhoggur%27s_Nest"

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