Other World Allied Camp: Tribe Investigation (англ.)

Tribe Investigation

Базовый уровень: 70
Требуемый лут: 30 Horn of Hillslion
Требуемый квест: Ring of the Wise King
Награда-предметы: 1 Manuk Coin

  1. In the Midgard Expedition Camp, speak to Bazett Teablack (mid_camp 283, 198); he requests your help investigating the local tribes.
  2. Speak to him again, and he will ask you to go search for giants on the Manuk Fields.
  3. Speak to the Worker in Manuk (manuk 194, 135). He asks you to get him 30 Horn of Hillslion so that he can make a replacement screw for a building.
  4. Return with 30 Horn of Hillslion.
  5. Return to Bazett, he thanks you and tells you to go rest.

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