Port Malaya Quests: Marie's Child

Marie's Child

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This quest or instance can be repeated.
This quest or instance has a 23 hour cooldown period.
Marie's Child
Base Level: 100
Item(s) (Consumed): Inside-Out Shirt
Quest Prerequisite(s): Cautious Village
Base Experience: 200,000
Job Experience: 200,000
Item(s): 1 Lesser Agimat (2 for Premium)

1. Speak with Marie (ma_fild01 199 190). She tells you her daughter is missing and asks for your help.

2. Help her. She tells you that her daughter might be lost in the woods and if you see her daughter, give her 1 Inside-Out Shirt so she can return home.

3. The child spawns at 3 random locations on the map.

  • ma_fild01 128, 313 [North West]
  • ma_fild01 116, 140 [Middle West]
  • ma_fild01 251, 99 [South East]

4. When you find the child, give her the shirt and return to Marie.

5. She thanks you for the job and gives you 1 Lesser Agimat, EXP & Job EXP

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