Sniper. Тактика на ПвП

PVP Tactics is important for every job. Now, I`ll tell you how to defeat most classes with tactics. Not just PVP, WoE and MvPing needs tactics!

.. vs Lord Knights.
Hell. Lord Knights. This one hard to beat, especially if they are using Cranial, Immune, and any other reduction. First, use status bows (I already mentioned the cards..). After an LK got those statuses, use your PvP Compo and finish them off. This advantage is commonly found by a Criter Sniper.

..vs High Wizards.
HWs are easy. DS them to death. If they cast, normal attack them than Double Strafe.

..vs High Priests.
You can`t kill them… if they uses Basilica. They`re still hard to beat even their Basilicas are off. If you found them, ignore them. If they`re LINKED… Run!

..vs Assassin Crosses.
…vs Pure SB.
Make sure they don`t get near you. If he is already near you, detect him (if he cloaks, hiding) and Repel him.
…vs Criter.
Same, make sure they don`t get near you. Repel! And then go nuts! o_0!

..vs Snipers.
Sniper vs Sniper. This could be a hard fight, or even a neverlasting battle. The only way to kill them is to attack first. If you`re attacked first, you hafta run, and then pot/heal. Except, if you are facing trapers. Go to the safe distance, start shooting, they`re toasts (It`s SO RARE to find trapers in PvP room.. /heh)

..vs Battle WS.
REPEL.REPEL.REPEL!!! REPEL is a must! Their CT are… /e32. Make sure they don`t get near you. Their HSCT (High Speed CT) is marvelous!

..vs Paladins.
S**t. You can`t beat this guy if he Barrier`d, using full reductions. If you see this guys, run away, keep your distance. If you want, you can attack this brute until you satisfied. They pot big.

..vs Scholars.
Aha, Scholars! If you found a Scholar, you can beat him! First, if they dispell, start buffing yourself with Falcon Eyes and Improve Concentration. Keep your distance, and SHOOT. Make sure they don`t casts. Finish them with DSes. If you are a Criter, just keep shooting. /bling.

..vs Stalkers.
Their Tunnel Drive/Hide will drive you nuts! Most PVP Stalkers have copied BB and using arrow. If they hide, just ran away, if they tunnel drive, use Arrow Shower to open their TD. Then, shoot `em. If you are a Crit Sniper, it bypasses DEF, and hell yea.. Jackpot for you.

..vs Clown/Gypsies.
I seldom fight them. Actually, I can only found them in WoE. Sorry for this. /sry.

..vs Biochemist.
Don`t worry, you don`t have big VIT aren`t you? Their Acid Demonstration damage will be as little as anopheles! Just shoot `em, they will lose.

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Aniona 20.07.2009 15:39:27 : Снайпер может доставить ХП кучу неприятностей,если он прямой. Фантамазик арроу выпихивает из пневмы... Никакой Магнум ему не нужен.

Riara 16.07.2009 15:06:04 : Про ХП страно, зачем нужна базилика от снипа? пневма есть и толкового приста никакими магнум брейками из под неё не выгнать, прист для снипа опасней всех будет=)

Metrim 15.07.2009 16:55:55 : Какая тактика =_= залетаем рвем всех даблами кроме палов лк. Все дела

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