Schwartzvald Guild Dungeon



With episode 13.1 comes two new guild dungeons. Like the old guild dungeons, they are accessible only to the guilds that control a guild castle in that realm. The Schwaltzvald Guild dungeon is no different, and is accessible by any guild currently controlling a WoE:SE castle within the Schwaltzvald Realm. Again like the old guild dungeons, the new ones are considered PVP zones were non-allied guilds can attack and fight each other at the risk of experience loss on death.

The Schwaltzvald guild dungeon is inspired by the Juperos Dungeon architecture, and has new monsters similar to those that you'd find within Juperos and near the Einbroch area, but considerably stronger and worth higher experience.

Monster Info

Name Cobalt Mineral Race Formless Lv 72 ATK 1446~1979
Image Image:cobaltmineral.gif Element Neutral 2 HP 29,665 Def 40+35
Size Medium Exp 9,866/7,899 MDef 30+57
Drops Elemental Sword [3], Gold
Notes STR 72, AGI 77, VIT 35, INT 57, DEX 77, LUK 32

100%HIT 169, 95%FLEE 224

Name Heavy Metaling Race Formless Lv 73 ATK 1350~1700
Image Image:heavymetaling.gif Element Neutral 1 HP 28,433 Def 40+28
Size Small Exp 9,320/7,529 MDef 30+40
Special Agressive
Skills Shield reflect
Drops Jubilee, Flexible Tube, Trackers Dagger [3]
Notes STR 73, AGI 65, VIT 28, INT 40, DEX 77, LUK 2

100%HIT 158, 95%FLEE 225

Name Zakudam Race Demi-Human Lv 82 ATK 2000~3227
Image Image:zakudam.gif? Element Neutral 2 HP 39,562 Def 30+35
Size Large Exp 21,850/13,110 MDef 30+75
Special Agressive
Skills Summon Slaves (Archdam)
Drops Refined Tights [1], Gatekeeper-DD, Elunium, Oridecon
Notes STR 82, AGI 65, VIT 35, INT 75, DEX 80, LUK 15

100%HIT 167, 95%FLEE 237

Name Hell Apocalypse Race Formless Lv 86 ATK 5733~6073
Image Element Neutral 2 HP 65,433 Def 62+30
Size Large Exp 39,260/19,630 MDef 23+98
Special Agressive
Skills Summon Slave (Apocalypse)
Drops Carled [1], Life Link [1], Elunium
Notes STR 86, AGI 48, VIT 30, INT 98, DEX 110, LUK 85

100%HIT 154, 95%FLEE 271

Name Kublin Race Demi-Human Lv 85 ATK 1180~1400
Image Image:kublin.gif? Element Earth 1 HP 576,000 Def 10+40
Size Medium Exp 100,000/100,000 MDef 20+85
Special MVP Boss, Agressive
Skills N/A
Drops Red Herb, Iron, Scell
MVP Reward Pick Axe

Map Info and Monster Spawn

Monster Types/Amounts are subject to change.

Schwartzvald Guild Dungeon (schg_dun01) - BGM No. 44 (TeMP it Up)
Kublin, Heavy Metaling, Cobalt Mineral, Zakudam, Hell Apocalypse

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