Излуд (Izlude)

1 - Дирижабль
2 - НПС для варпа в Альберту за 250 монет
3 - Варпы в Альберту (500з) и остров Байлан (125з)
4 - Tool Dealer
5 - Кафра

О городе

Излуд - маленький город недалеко от Пронтеры. В городе находится гильдия Swordman.


The place where those who wish to become Swordmen gather to train, Izlude. There is a ferry which takes you to Alberta, and an express ship which takes adventurers the underground dungeons, Byalan Island. King Tristan III built an Monster Arena to promote professionals throughout the nation. Even now, many skilled adventurers gather here to show off their talents.

Гид по городу

Note: The "Beginner's Training Area" is not accessible from here. There is also an airship in the lower right area of town, which connects to Juno.


  • 1 - Arena (128,225) ---- see Izlude Arena, for details
  • 2 - Swordsman Association (52,138)
  • 3 - Swordsman Hall (213,129)
  • 4 - Tool Shop (146,146)
  • 5 - Weapon Shop (112,148)

Billboards and Signs

  • Bulletin Board - Izlude: The Satellite City (131,116) - Gives background information on Izlude
  • Sign (144,148) - Flavor Text
  • Sign (54,139) - Flavor Text



Guides - Izlude Guide are at (121,87)

  • Shows Swordsman Association, Swordsman Hall, Arena, Izlude Marina, Weapon Shop, Tool Shop on minimap

Kafra Employees are at (134,88)

  • Save, Kafra storage, Teleport service, Rent cart, Reserve points

Store NPCs

Weapon Dealer (Weapon Shop)

  • Arrow, Silver Arrow, Bow, Rod, Knife, Cutter, Main Gauche, Sword, Falchion, Blade, Katana, Slayer, Bastard Sword, Two-handed Sword, Broad Sword, Axe

Armor Dealer (Weapon Shop)

  • Buckler, Shield, Shoes, Boots, Muffler, Manteau, Cap, Helm, Jacket, Adventurer's Suit, Wooden Mail, Mantle, Coat, Padded Armor, Chain Mail, Full Plate, Novice Armlet

Tool Dealer (Tool Shop)

  • Magnifier, Red Potion, Orange Potion, Yellow Potion, White Potion, Green Potion, Concentration Potion, Awakening Potion, Fly Wing, Butterfly Wing, Trap, Arrow

Pet Merchant (164,138)

  • Pet Food, Pet Incubator, Backpack, Rocker Glasses

Butcher (105,99)

  • Meat

Milk Merchant (92,105)

  • Milk

Fruit Merchant (94,98)

  • Apple, Banana, Carrot, Potato

Trade NPCs

Smile Assistance - Smile Girl (129,118)

  • Mr. Smile for 10 Clover, 10 Fluff, 10 Jellopy

Monster Tamer - Shogo (Tool Shop)

  • Orc Trophy for 1 Chivalry Emblem, 1 Scorpion Tail
  • No Recipient for 1 Old Portrait
  • Book of Devil for 1 Old Magic Book, 2 Horrendous Mouth

Givu (Arena, Point Exchange Room)

  • Amount traded is selectable for items
  • 5 Honey for 20 Arena Points
  • 5 Royal Jelly for 30 Arena Points
  • 5 Mastela Fruit for 30 Arena Points
  • 8 Condensed White Potion for 30 Arena Points
  • 3 Anodyne for 20 Arena Points
  • Yggdrasil Seed for 20 Arena Points
  • Yggdrasilberry for 40 Arena Points
  • Old Blue Box for 100 Arena Points
  • Old Purple Box for 300 Arena Points
  • Old Card Album for 1,000 Arena Points
  • ??? Base experience points for 40 Arena Points
  • Souvenir Photo with NPCs or Monsters (Baphomet, Dark Lord, Doppelganger, Eddga, Dracula, Samurai, Stormy Knight, Phreeoni, Girl, Valkyrie) for 10 Arena Points

Quest NPCs

  • Swordsman (Swordsman Association, middle room) - Swordsman job change NPC
  • Swordsman (Swordsman Association, middle room) - Part of Swordsman job change quest
  • Krongast (69,181) - Part of Blacksmith job change quest
  • Knight De Thomas - De Thomas (Swordsman Hall, front room) - Teaches HP Recovery While Moving

Travel NPCs

Kafra Employee (134,88)

  • Geffen - 1200z
  • Payon - 1200z
  • Morroc - 1200z
  • Al De Baran - 1800z

Sailor (201,181)

  • Byalan Island - 150z
  • Alberta - 500z

Edgar (182,186)

  • Alberta - 250z

Honeymoon Helper - Helper (171,185)

  • Jawaii - 100,000z

Teleporter (Arena, middle room)

  • Arena's Point Exchange Room - free

To be transported to the Arena Stages, you enter the chat and wait instead of trying to speak to the NPC.

lvl 50s Waiting Room (Arena, northwest room)

  • Level 50 Arena Stage - 1,000z

lvl 60s Waiting Room (Arena, west room)

  • Level 60 Arena Stage - 1,000z

lvl 70s Waiting Room (Arena, southwest room)

  • Level 70 Arena Stage - 1,000z

lvl 80s Waiting Room (Arena, southeast room)

  • Level 80 Arena Stage - 1,000z

Ponox (Arena, east room)

  • Pre-Party Arena Stage?? - free

???Helper NPC (Arena, Pre-Party Arena Stage???)

  • Party Arena Stage?? - 1,000z for all members??

Background NPCs

  • Soldier (124,178) - talks about selling loot to NPC Merchants
  • Kylick (150,143) - talks about either Amatsu and its cuisine or Binoculars/Izlude's Telescope (two sets of conversation)
  • Dega (150,118) - talks about Monsters with Cast Sensor and magic spells of their own or about Mt.Mjolnir and its aggressive insect monsters or about a place where every type of poring may be found (three sets of conversation)
  • Cuskoal (119,121) - talks about the Arena or gathering information at pubs (two sets of conversation)
  • Red (56,126) - argues with Cebalis about which skill is better, Bash or Magnum Break
  • Cebalis (58,126) - argues with Red about which skill is better, Bash or Magnum Break
  • Bonne (55,74) - welcomes you to Izlude and talks about Izlude and the bridge
  • Charfri (135,78) - talks about Izlude and/or Byalan Island (two sets of conversation)
  • Aaron (Swordsman Association, east room) - talks about stats, focusing on swordsmen
  • Vendigos (Arena, middle room) - talks about how the Arena works
  • Arena Record Staff - Owen Kheuv (Arena, middle room) - gives the current best records for all level challenges
  • Helper Pat - Pat (Arena, northwest room) - talks about the rules of the Level 50 Arena Stage
  • Helper Ben - Ben (Arena, west room) - talks about the rules of the Level 60 Arena Stage
  • Helper Vicious - Vicious (Arena, southwest room) - talks about the rules of the Level 70 Arena Stage
  • Helper Epin - Epin (Arena, southeast room) - talks about the rules of the Level 80 Arena Stage
  • Helper Lunic - Lunic (Arena, east room) - talks about the rules of the Party Arena Stage
  • Helper Lonik - Lonik (Arena, east room) - will inform you if there's anyone in there (where? :O)

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