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Amatsu is quite a beautiful city, done in the style of old Japan. Amatsu has one dungeon and one field map. It can be accessed from Alberta via an NPC on the docks; there is a 10,000 Zeny fee.


In the port city of Alberta, rumors spread about a mysterious landform on one adventurer’s map. This map is presented to King Tristan III and a trade route is established by an adventurer from Payon. People find out that the strange land goes by the name of Amatsu and that there is a castle on the east side of a lake. This became a new source interest for the adventurers that were worn out from the Emperium and pieces of Ymir. Five years later... the two countries start to develop through the exchange of culture and different aspects of civilization.


Quests added with the Amatsu update can be found here.

Гид по городу



  • Bar (216,116)
  • House #1 (178,138)
  • House #2 (247,160)
  • House #3 (52,147)
  • Lord's House (168,181)
  • Palace (86,235)
  • Tool Shop (95,117)
  • Weapon Shop (131,117)


  • None



Amatsu Guide - Amachang (207,89)

Guide Man (251, 283)

  • Show on minimap: Palace, Weapon Shop, Tool Shop, Bar

Kafra Employee (102,149)

  • Save, Kafra storage, Rent Cart, Reserve points

Missing NPCs

  • Inn NPC, PVP NPCs, Upgrading NPC, Level 1/2 metal NPC, Level 3/4 metal NPC, Repair NPC

Store NPCs

Weapon Dealer (Weapon Shop)

  • Main Gauche, Stiletto, Blade, Ring Pommel Saber, Katana, Bastard Sword, Pike, Partizan, Hammer, Chain

Armor Dealer (Weapon Shop)

  • Bandana, Sandals, Shoes, Hood, Muffler, Guard, Buckler, Adventure's Suit, Silk Robe, Silver Robe, Wooden Mail, Belt

Tool Dealer (Tool Shop)

  • Arrow, Iron Arrow, Magnifier, Red Potion, Orange Potion, Yellow Potion, White Potion, Green Potion, Concentration Potion, Awakening Potion, Fly Wing, Butterfly Wing, Trap

Trade NPCs

Alchemist - Laspuchin Gregory (Palace, 2nd floor)

  • Rough Wind for 12 Great Nature or ?? Mystic Frozen or ?? Flame Heart
  • Flame Heart for ?? Rough Wind or 8 Great Nature or ?? Mystic Frozen
  • Mystic Frozen for ?? Flame Heart or ?? Rough Wind or 8 Great Nature
  • Great Nature for ?? Mystic Frozen or ?? Flame Heart or ?? Rough Wind

Soldier - Jiro (Palace, 1st floor)

  • Must complete Amatsu Dungeon Entrance Quest first and not carry Feudal Lord Permit
  • Feudal Lord Permit for 10,000 Zeny

Sushi Master (Inn)

  • Not while doing Sashimi Knife Quest, see quest page
  • 10 Sushi for 700z
  • 1 Sushi for 74z
  • 10 Raw Fish for 350z
  • 1 Raw Fish for 37z

Quest NPCs

Gate Soldier (164,174)

  • Amatsu Dungeon Entrance Quest

Gate Soldier (171,174)

  • Amatsu Dungeon Entrance Quest

Kouji (189, 166)

  • Amatsu Dungeon Entrance Quest

Publisher (223,236)

  • Dokebi Battle Quest

Grandma (Lord's House)

  • Amatsu Dungeon Entrance Quest

Lord of Palace - Ishida Yoshinaga (Palace, 4th floor)

  • Amatsu Dungeon Entrance Quest

Sushi Master - Magumagu (Inn)

  • Sashimi Knife Quest

Travel NPCs

Sea Captain - Walter Moers (194,79)

  • Alberta - free

Soldier - Jyuro (Palace, 5th floor)

  • Must complete Amatsu Dungeon Entrance Quest first and carry the Feudal Lord Permit
  • Amatsu Dungeon - Free

Background NPCs

  • [Tree] Bonubonu (283,203) --- Is actually a sea otter sprite, so you have to click just below the NPC to get conversation instead of attack cursor
  • [Tree] Drama Teacher - Garakame sensei (243,202)
  • Drunken Man - Kosake (185,115)
  • Gate Soldier (112,164)
  • Gate Soldier (119, 164)
  • Grandma - Hatsue (217,179)
  • John (179,107)
  • Jyaburo (287,266)
  • [Tree] Legendary Tree (262,197)
  • Mimi (205, 163)
  • [Tree] Propose Girl - Hutari Shioko (269, 221)
  • [Tree] Veterinarian - Sakura Seiichi (274,178)
  • Well-side Maiden - Yuuko (230, 160)
  • Gate Soldier (Palace, 1st floor)
  • Gate Soldier (Palace, 1st floor)
  • Soldier - Ichiro (Palace, 1st floor)
  • Soldier - Shiro (Palace, 2nd floor)
  • Soldier - Shichiro (Palace, 2nd floor)
  • Soldier - Goro (Palace, 3rd floor)
  • Soldier - Rokuro (Palace, 3rd floor)
  • Soldier - Saburo (Palace, 3rd floor)
  • Soldier - Kyuro (Palace, 4th floor)
  • Soldier - Hachiro (Palace, 4th floor)


Legendary Tree

  • The legendary tree doesn't actually speak. Instead, it mirrors the last conversation you had with the NPCs surrounding the hill. There are four different reactions, and another if you haven't spoken to any of them yet.

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