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7972Oath Day Letter
12719Oblivion Curse
7002Ogre Tooth
6216Oil Bottle
7151Oil Paper
12369Oilpalm Coconut
12701Old Blue Box
603Old Blue Box
11004Old Book
7329Old Bronze Key
637Old Broom
616Old Card Album
7031Old Frying Pan
12244Old Gift Box
13825Old Green Box
12187Old Green Box
7022Old Hilt
1006Old Magicbook
7207Old Manteau
12702Old Navy Box
7052Old Papers
7341Old Pendant
7318Old Pick
7843Old Piece Of Paper
7014Old Portrait
617Old Purple Box
12186Old Red Box
12189Old Red Box
7072Old Shuriken
7751Old White Cloth
12240Old Yellow Box
7089Omen of Tempest
7338One-way Ticket
701Ora Ora
980Orange Dyestuffs
1070Orange Gooey Mushroom
620Orange Juice
1069Orange Net Mushroom
502Orange Potion
1043Orc Claw
14604Orc Hero Scroll
14605Orc Lord Scroll
635Orc Trophy
6178Orc Warrior Exchange Ticket
931Orcish Voucher
922Orc's Fang
6042Ordinary Branch
987Oridecon Anvil
12007Oridecon Arrow Quiver
615Oridecon Hammer
14526Oriental Pastry
6047Original Clothing Dye Coupon
6052Ornament Hairpin
751Osiris Doll
12125Outdoor Cooking Kit
14469Ox Tail Egg
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