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12458F Abrasive
12471F Adrenaline Scroll
12446F Agi Dish10
12468F Aspersio 5 Scroll
12464F B Def Potion
12462F B Mdef Potion
12439F Battle Manual
12466F Blessing 10 Scroll
12441F Bubble Gum
6287F Clothing Dye Coupon
6295F Clothing Dye Coupon2
12472F Convex Mirror
12448F Dex Dish10
12444F Dun Tele Scroll1
6291F Enriched Elunium
6292F Enriched Oridecon
12438F Giant Fly Wing
12457F Glass Of Illusion
12456F Greed Scroll
6288F Happy Box
12467F Inc Agi 10 Scroll
12440F Insurance
12447F Int Dish10
12442F Kafra Card
12449F Luk Dish10
6294F Marriage Covenant
6286F Max Weight Up Scroll
12459F Med Life Potion
6289F Mysterious Dyestuff
12443F Neuralizer
6290F New Style Coupon
12461F Regeneration Potion
12465F S Def Potion
12463F S Mdef Potion
12460F Small Life Potion
12445F Str Dish10
6293F Token Of Siegfried
12450F Vit Dish10
12470F Wind Walk 10 Scroll
12454F WOB Local
12453F WOB Rachel
12451F WOB Rune
12452F WOB Schwaltz
6120Face Paint
6343Fade Notation Blue
6340Fade Notation Green
6342Fade Notation Purple
6341Fade Notation Red
540Falcon Food
7104False Angel Wing
7105False Heaven Ring
7499Family Portrait
12358Fan Of Wind
12248Fancy Ball Box
7036Fang of Hatii
11507Fanta Grape
11506Fanta Orange
11709Fanta Zero Lemon
12129Fantastic Cooking Kit
632Fatty Chubby Earthworm
7079Feather of Angel Wing
916Feather of Birds
12163Fencer Scroll 1
12172Fencer Scroll 10
12164Fencer Scroll 2
12165Fencer Scroll 3
12166Fencer Scroll 4
12167Fencer Scroll 5
12168Fencer Scroll 6
12169Fencer Scroll 7
12170Fencer Scroll 8
12171Fencer Scroll 9
7187Festival Mask
7919Festival Ticket
7160Feudal Lord Permit
12263Field Manual
14533Field Manual 100%
14532Field Manual 25%
14545Field Manual 300%
6381Field Shovel
12234Fierce Cacao 99%
12141Fifth Stage Prize
7298Fig Leaf
7342File Folder
7041Fine Grit
6261Fine Noodles
7043Fine Sand
1066Fine-grained Trunk
12008Fire Arrow Quiver
7451Fire Dragon Scale
12118Fireproof Potion
12110First Aid Kit
12137First Stage Prize
584Fish Cake Soup
1023Fish Tail
6096Fish With Blue Back
13974Fisherman Scroll
12363Fit Pipe
14570Flail Goblin Ring
6114Flame Gemstone
994Flame Heart
7521Flame Stone
12148Flare Sphere Pack
6095Flavored Alcohol
7325Flexible Tube
6079Flower Of Alfheim
7326Fluorescent Liquid
601Fly Wing
7262Folding Fan of Cat Ghost
7610Food Exchange Ticket
7021Foolishness of the Blind
12764Fools Day Box Tw
660Forbidden Red Candle
7724Forbidden Secret Art
11708Fore Flank Sirloin
6357Fortune Cookie Fail
12541Fortune Cookie1
12542Fortune Cookie2
12543Fortune Cookie3
7458Fortune Horn
706Four Leaf Clover
12140Fourth Stage Prize
7436Fragment of Agony
7798Fragment of Darkness
7439Fragment of Despair
7438Fragment of Hatred
7918Fragment Of Memory
7437Fragment of Misery
7211Fragment of Rossata Stone
6358Free Cash Coupon
7784Free Coupon 1
7785Free Coupon 2
7786Free Coupon 3
7787Free Coupon 4
7788Free Coupon 5
7789Free Coupon 6
7790Free Coupon 7
7791Free Coupon 8
7311Free Ticket for Flyship
7059Free Ticket for Kafra Storage
7060Free Ticket for Kafra Transportation
7310Free Ticket for Peco Ride
7061Free Ticket for the Cart Service
7574Freezing Snow Powder
12147Freezing Sphere Pack
579Fresh Fish
6112Fresh Plant
7868Fresh Water
12306Freshman Magic Powder
7073Freya's Jewel
12041Fried Grasshopper Legs
14551Fried Grasshopper Legs
14566Fried Monkey Tails
12066Fried Monkey Tails
14580Fried Scorpion Tails
12070Fried Scorpion Tails
14568Fried Sweet Potato
12068Fried Sweet Potato
7351Friend's Diary
12056Frog Egg Squid Ink Soup
14560Frog Egg Squid Ink Soup
6305Frozen Piece Of Skin
749Frozen Rose
12573Fruit Basket
12332Fruit Juice
14565Fruit Mix
12063Fruit Mix
12418Full SwingK
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